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NEWSBYTE Japanese electronics giant Sony is to host an “exploration” of how technologies such as robotics, sensors, and artificial intelligence will “enrich our lives and society”, according to an announcement today.

The ‘Affinity in Autonomy’ showcase will take place at the Victoria & Albert Museum during Design Week in London, from 14-22 September. It will envision “a world in which intelligence, technology, and creative design are integrated more into our day-to-day lives” and explore our emerging relationships with robots, including how humans will interact and co-exist with them.

“It looks at the future relationship humans can develop with robots capable of emotion; setting out to show that when humans feel that our robotic friends are alive, we will begin to feel an affinity toward them,” says Sony.

Affinity in Autonomy features an installation named Pendulus – an interactive robotic pendulum that illustrates the independence and free will of robotics using random movements. The pendulum detects human presence and this recognition is then reflected in the kinetic motion.

“Exhibiting a rich, dynamic and autonomous behaviour, this conceptual piece engages visitors who are seeking an emotional and physical response. The work endeavours to portray emotion and sensitivity, illustrating the enriched relationship possibilities for a new tomorrow,” says the announcement.


Phillip Rose, Director of Sony Design Centre Europe, explains the technology subtext of the event: “Sony Design is entering a new realm with ‘Affinity in Autonomy’, making unfamiliar concepts familiar, and exploring the correlation between the human condition and the onset of forward-thinking technology. In an increasing sensor-filled world, the installation places focus on the emergence of artificial intelligence and allows visitors to explore its behaviour and own personality.

“It’s a glimpse into a future where intelligent technologies and creative design merge into our lives on an emotional level. Since the company’s inception nearly seven decades ago, Sony’s design and innovation has been led by the doctrine ‘do what has never been done before’.”

“The world’s first Entertainment Robot, Sony’s ‘AIBO’, walked into our lives in 1999. In the 20 years since then, it’s become clear that sensing technology and artificial intelligence will have a firm place in our lives, and our homes. It’s more important than ever to acclimatise to how it will shape our futures, and that’s what this exhibition aims to encourage.”

Source: Press release

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