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Zizo joins Kinetic Edge Alliance

Technology platform Zizo has joined Vapor IO’s Kinetic Edge Alliance (KEA) to bring data analytics and expertise to edge technology deployments, according to an announcement from the company today.

Vapor IO’s Kinetic Edge is claimed to be the world’s fastest-growing colocation and interconnection platform at the edge of the wireless cellular network.

Zizo’s platform enables organisations to look at data at the edge from a variety of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, including sensors, and integrate, manage and deliver insights based around that data “in near real-time”, claims the company. The aim is to complement scalability and complexity with edge analytics.

According to the announcement, the Zizo platform can “establish data analytic footprints in remote edge locations and also connect to different data sources, no matter where they might be.

“If an organisation has several analytical applications or data collection points at different edge nodes, they are able to seamlessly combine these data sources, analysing and processing that data as one unit before sending it back to the cloud for further processing.”

The platform also gives organisations the ability to run Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications and cleanse data for AI at the edge, using high-performance compression, algorithms, says the announcement.

Zizo, an AWS partner, has designed its platform to connect to both AWS data centres and edge environments at the same time, enabling analysis to be done on data in flight, as it travels to the cloud.

“The concept of edge computing is gaining momentum fast, with the goal to better manage data where it is created and only transmit the most relevant data to the data centre for analysis,” said Zizo Chairman Peter Ruffley.

“Innovation in the industry has never been greater and is raising the profile of edge computing and analytics – and what can be achieved. Zizo is excited to be joining the Kinetic Edge Alliance and accelerate the journey to create a global network of edge data centres.”

  • The edge environment is becoming increasingly important to IoT deployments, as it allows data to be processed at scale close to the point of need, rather than introduce latency into time-critical processes by sending that data to remote data centres and back again.

In many devices, this means that low-cost processing capable of crunching complex data fast, including for AI inference tasks, is becoming increasingly important too – at low energy usage.

Source: press release