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We are very proud to partner with industry associations, advisory board members, leading institutions and media organisations from across the world to create and promote a truly international programme of events

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Covid-19: How proximity sensors could play a vital role in recovery

Proximity sensors could have a role to play in helping organisations recover from the coronavirus, in a world in which some social distancing may need to be maintained when buildings reopen to workers or the public.

Sensor market hit but also benefiting from pandemic, says report

The demand for electrochemical gas sensors in medical and healthcare is projected to register the highest compound annual growth rates in the next 12 months due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Time to connect – how Microsoft is leading the way with intelligence for industry

Innovation is synonymous with Microsoft. But how is this translating into practical applications for industry? Sebastian Seutter, explains how transformational change is happening and that the factory of the future is already in operation…

Launching our Virtual World Series: Sensors, IoT & Connectivity
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