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Delivering large-scale digital transformation programmes, Helena Lisachuk is Director at Deloitte Consulting B.V. and based in the Netherlands, where she leads Deloitte’s global Internet of Things practice.

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What was your journey to the sensor market?

I’ve been with Deloitte almost 15 years and before this, I worked in business, specifically within healthcare & life sciences and technology sectors. This included a software start-up where we developed advanced predictive models for medical management functions of hospitals and insurance companies and working as a transformation advisor in the industry to bring the gap between new technologies and how they can be leveraged to drive value for end customers (patients in a healthcare world). My philosophy has always been ‘never close doors and take chances’ and this has allowed me to gain a wide range of experiences, both in work and education. My diverse educational background (Semiconductor studies and degrees in International Business and Economics), provided a solid platform to develop Internet of Things business after my move to the Netherlands.

What interests you about the Internet of Things?

I’ve always been interested in ecosystems and this is something we’ve done a lot of work on at Deloitte – you may have heard about our ‘information value loop’ concept. Technology is not linear and businesses need to see their IoT development in terms of having a properly fulfilled ecosystem. This means looking across their supply chains to maximise potential and finding the right platforms. Collaboration is enormously important – you don’t just need to choose the right technology, it’s about making the best use of it and extracting the most value.

Where do you see the market moving – what do you feel are growth areas?

The market overall has a high degree of potential, from expanding on capabilities in Consumer IoT (connected cars being a good example) to bringing new technology capabilities into the factories, ports, logistics companies, and of course, healthcare. IoT is only one of the technologies which create these possibilities for the industries. It is tightly coupled with cloud, edge, AI / ML, robotics, etc. Quantum computing will introduce an additional realm of possibilities.

Where do you see the next innovations coming from?

There’s so much innovation happening right now and across so many sectors. Healthcare remains close to my heart and I can see sensors being used in many areas, ranging from improving care at home, which could reduce the time people need to spend in hospital to better monitoring, so that elderly people living on their own are safer. A project in the Netherlands involving an AI-powered robot called Alice also showed we can challenge loneliness – it’s not just about improving physical wellbeing. Then you have the use of sensors within transport and one exciting development is the Hyperloop, mass superfast transportation with people carried in aluminium pods.

What do you see as the greatest market challenges and how do you seek to overcome them?

I prefer to use the term ‘considerations’ as experience has shown us that things described as barriers can provide proper safe-guards for adoption. If we look at regulation such as GDPR, it has had an enabling effect. Security and Privacy are priorities and must-haves in any IoT solution, hence concepts “By Design” are being implemented at scale.
I see that we’re also moving away from the negative perception that automation is going to result in many job losses. We should be looking to reduce repetitive, no-value add activities but there is going to be a lot for humans to do. For businesses, who are embarking on a digital journey, tackling Change Management aspects of transformation would be a must.

What are you looking forward to at The Sensor Show?

I’m passionate about sharing knowledge and experience and face-to-face networking is still very important in terms of learning. For example, I’m on the program committee of the IoT Solutions World Congress, which links IoT, AI and blockchain – feedback from clients at these events has been great. I’m extremely excited by speaking at The Sensor Show and for the prospects it offers to connect a global audience – I’m sure it will create many valuable moments for our end customers.

husqvarna robot lawnmower bobby

Do you have a favourite piece of kit?

Because I travel so much, I appreciate things that allow me more time to spend with my family. Instead of spending hours cutting the grass and losing quality time with my family, I have my robotic lawnmower (named “Bobby”) from Husqvarna, which uses sensors to ensure our lawn is cut perfectly and when not working, is charging and stored in a dry and warm lawnmower ‘hotel’.

To find out more about Helena’s participation in The Sensor Show Congress, take a look at the agenda.

We’re moving dates. The Sensor Show is on 8th–11th December, 2020
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