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>Henrik von Scheel
Henrik von Scheel

Henrik von Scheel

Industry 4.0 Originator and mastermind of the European Digital Agenda

Best known as the originator and vanguard of the Industry 4.0 and Digital theme of today.

Digital Agenda

As part of the Advisory Council at the Federal Minister of Economy & Technology, Henrik von Scheel played a significant role to define Germany future digital strategy in 2009. The “Digital Agenda” was adopted by the European Commission in 2010 as part of the Europe 2020 and evolved into the European Digital Revolution. “Digital Agenda” is one of Europe’s seven flagship – responsible for 5% of GDP, with a market value of €660 billion annually.

Fourth Industrial Revolution

As one of the masterminds and driving force behind this Industry 4.0, Henrik von Scheel was an Advisory Group member for the Federal Ministry Education & Research – interministerial innovation policy initiatives tasked to define the high-tech strategy of Germany. The final “Industry 4.0” report was announced April 2013.

Recognised as “the most influential management thinker of our times” by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum the ruler of Dubai, with the prestigious Knowledge Award” – the Nobel prize of knowledge sharing.

His work has shaped the performance of the fastest growing companies and is applied to 19 national economies, such as

A sought-after speaker and advisor, that has evolved the mainstream thinking and practices on t he toughest, most important issues in business.

Named by Financial Times as “one of the leading authority on strategy and competitiveness”. Sam Palmisano (CEO of IBM) mentions: “Henrik has influenced more executives – and more nations – than any other business thinker” and Eric Schmidt (Chairman of Google) described him as “One of the most pre-eminent strategic advisors of his generation”.

He has shed light on “humanity at a crossroad” and pioneered a new path to link Environment, Business, Economy and Society to meet a triple bottom line: Planet, People and Profit.

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