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Joachim Hensch - Managing Director - Hugo Boss Textile Industries, Ltd.

Joachim Hensch has a profound and holistic knowledge in garment manufacturing, technology and innovation. Starting as a tailor for several years in bespoke couture, he later moved into the ready to wear business and since then has taken various positions, mainly in the field of product development.

In 2015, Joachim took the position of managing director in the biggest factory of HUGO BOSS Group located in İzmir with 3700 employees. His most important target is to transfer the whole organization into a flexible and reactive Smart Factory with implementation of industry 4.0 measures.That is to be prepared for a highly volatile, demanding and impatient market environment. Within this approach, Joachim is in the forefront of innovation excellence in garment manufacturing and thus the Izmir Factory is a role model for global industry. He believes in agile, SCRUM based project execution and flat hierarchies to cope with today’s pace of doing business.