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Thibault Bonnevie, CEO, SBG Systems

SBG Systems

Thibault Bonnevie - CEO - SBG Systems

Thibault has always been impressed by around the world travelers and explorers. After graduating in Electrical Engineering, he co-founded SBG Systems with one dream in mind: helping discovering the world.

Whatever and wherever the application is, SBG Systems orientation and navigation systems helps manned and unmanned vehicles navigating safely and accurately, while sub-sea, on sea, on ground or in the air. We are also very proud of being able to help people discovering the world for us and our future generations while stabilizing imagery systems that map the oceans, cities and back-countries.

Our team of passionate and talented professionals brings innovative ideas to help our customers successfully achieve their navigation and stabilization goals. They work hard to make our product easier for users and to bring cost effective technologies that help system integrators taking advantage of inertial sensors in projects that would never have been able to afford them before.

At SBG Systems, Thibault is responsible for executive management and strategy, international business development and operations.