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>Sensaggio and Micropac s.r.l.
Andrea Saggio - Sensaggio Micropac

Sensaggio and Micropac s.r.l.

Andrea Saggio - Founder and Owner - Sensaggio and Micropac s.r.l.

Andrea Gianfranco Saggio was born in Milan and studied at University of California at Berkeley (PEIS Magna cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa). In 1990 he completed his MBA Studies at Bocconi University Milan.

Andrea founded Micropac in 2001, which has since been representing companies such as Amphenol (formerly Novasensor), Electrovac and Kyocera. In 2014, Andrea founded Sensaggio, which with selected partners and using his know how, offers solutions in ceramic, packages and thick film, starts designing and manufacturing piezoresistive ceramic pressure sensors. Currently, Andrea is involved in a start-up for innovative biometric sensors.